Monday, March 26, 2007

Streetwear...THE BOOK!!

People are forever asking me what is streetwear. And to be honest, I never really have a answer for them. I completely hate the term, but unfortunately every subculture needs a name. I really dont think there is a "definition" for streetwear. Is it urban? Or is it a skater/EMO/rocker thing? It really isnt any of the two. In his book Steven Vogel doesn't try to define streetwear by any means, he simply sits down and speaks with some of the most influential people in the culture. It is published by Thames & Hudson and comes out on May 9th, look out for it.

Oh, and if you are STILL looking for a definition, good luck. To me its about more than just tees and hoodies, its about a independent company being able to speak their mind and express how they feel at that moment in time without being censored by some corporate big wigs. A tee makes such a bigger statement than a striped button down from Banana Republic!

Source: Steven Vogel