Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spooky Fridaze

My night on Saturday started at Rich's house for a Halloween party. The layout and decorations were dope, too bad the weather sucked.

Fula apparently didn't feel the need to wear a costume to the party.
For some reason every dog in the neighborhood was chasing Nick all night.

At 2am we decided to make our way to Cameo. There was some sorta bee riding shotgun in my car. FYI, don't ever give a girl control of your iPod....you'll end up listening to Lauren Hill all night!
I found this at some random parking lot on Alton. Damn our Marketing Department is on their grind!
Cameo was home of the biggest spider web I have ever seen.
Tati stole my Complete Technques chain, but it was ok cause she kept giving me this face all night. Check out Ill Vibe mean muggin' on the side. Apparently Rick Ross was chilling with us all night and I didn't find out it was him until the morning after, one of the coolest dudes I've met in a while.
Big shout out to the Heat's new pick up Ricky Davis and my hommie DJ Irie. Here is what my conversation with Ricky Davis went like.....
Me: "Welcome to Miami."
Him: "This beats the fuck outta Minnesota. Look at that girl! I'll brb"