Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cameo Friday

We got there mad early for some reason, shit was empty as hell.

We Don't Visit We Live It.
Red light special.

It' always a party when the D.A.D.E. Familia gets together. Alrick is doing his thug thing, while Ill Vibe is conducting some business.
It was Diddy's bday celebration. The DJ kept shouting him out all night. I officially don't want to hear any song by any Bad Boy artist for at least a year.

Life is hard sometimes for Ill Vibe. I wonder if blondes really do have more fun.
At 5:30 it was time for us to get out of there. Stumbling to Pizza Rustica next door is always my favorite part of the night.
By this time I could barely keep my head up. I'm pretty sure I was trying to take a picture of Jackie and Jen, but I came out with his instead......