Monday, December 10, 2007

Art Basel Round 2/Cameo

On Friday I headed to the office around 8pm to meet up with everyone before we hit up the Wynwood area for Art Basel. Pee and Tati were in deep conversation when I got there.

This had to be the gangsterest 12pack I've ever seen. It was only there for like 2 minutes before the vultures attacked.
Dear Tati, washing dishes is wack!
We hit up an exhibit that was around the block from us. Check out the mural in the back by Gorilla Tactics, for those that don't know these are the same dudes who are responsible for those dope window displays at Shoe Gallery. Here's a better flick of it...this thing was HUGE. I finally made it to the bar after waiting for what seemed like hours.

Rawbert got down with Gorilla Tactics for a part of the mural.
Check out the burner by Rawbert, this dude gets down!

Fesko had the right idea...two is always better than one.
Some random art on the way back to the office.
I hit up Jackies house for a little bit before heading to the beach. I already had a decent buzz going so I didn't predrink too much with them.
The view from the bar at Cameo was dope.
Claudia is all about minty fresh breath.
Yup! those are Umpa Lumpas (did I spell that right?) in the crowd. Oxy Cottaintail and Paris Hilton were also in the house.
Girls on bars = DOPE!
This dude was getting all the chicks.
Random girl was having a good time..... was Kristina.
The sun was about to come up as I drove into my house.