Monday, December 17, 2007

Bday Part Uno

I guess you can say that Friday was the first day of my bday celebration. I headed to Cibrans to 9:00 get the pre party going. We played some Madden.
Nick & Alex got there. Yup, that's an engagement ring. Nick took the plunge, I guess I just lost a friend. Jk, CONRATS HOMMIE!
After all the beer was gone, it was time to head to Cameo.
I was enjoying my drink in Chris's car, when all of a sudden we realized that we had a flat tire.
After going on a mission to put on the spare, we realized that it too was flat.
We waited for a taxi at this gas station for what seemed like hours. What a great way to start the this point I thought the night was doomed.
The damn taxi finally got there! PARTY ON!
We got dropped off right next to Andrews car.
It was good to walk in to Cameo and be greeted by this.
Check out Nicks face on the left. I think he just realized that his life is over. Oh yeah, Gort is crazy.
Ha! I don't remember this....
The newly weds.
She's a hottie...I'm a retard....
Welcome back to Miami Pepper.
Here are somethings I saw as we walked to the car; MD 20 20 & Cisco, I pretty much grew up on these.
There is never a shortage of food on the beach.

Traffic on the way home was horrible. I passed out in the back seat right after this flick.