Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Claudia x Kat berfday 1

On Friday we celebrated Claudia and Kat's bdays at Cameo. We got the night started off with a couple of shots. This is ridiculous, it seems like every weekend it's someone elses bday.

This girl was wearing an old school Pervert hat. Ill Vibe was seconds away from jacking her up for it.
Jigga is a beast!
Birthday girl #1.
Birthday girl #2
Nope, they're not twins. Actually they aren't even related (well kinda).
Eddie double fisting like always.
Susy has been wanting to knock me out for years.

All in the fam.

Caro x Tati, I was feeling the close ups this weekend for some reason.

We ended up with 6 bottles, too bad we left 2 full ones behind.
Angry x Cracking Up x Scared for her life.
Nothing on the beach closes, EVER!
16th & Washington.
This has turned into our late nigh spot lately. You gotta love the name.
Late late night eats.

I need more of this.