Friday, January 11, 2008

Around Town

I headed over to Shoe Gallery yesterday to drop some Twelve Bar stickers off for Danny.

Downtown is full of dope architecture, I must have looked like the biggest tourist. Oh well, down town Miami is fresh! (it would look better without the 100 new condos that have gone up, but watevs)

After Shoe Gallery I headed over to the Design District to say whats up to Mike and Chris over at Culture Kings.

The basket/street sign/"street wear" poster board outside the shop is probably my favorite part.

Inside they had an installation by local artist AS1, I was pretty impressed by his work. Click HERE to check out his site.

Both of these were done with just a sharpie. There are a lot of more pieces up, I just wanted to tease you a little bit. Drop by and check them out, lazy asses!

After Culture Kings I grabbed some grub with TATER THE HATER, then hit the D.A.D.E. office to get some work done.