Monday, January 28, 2008

So hard to say good bye...

I still can't believe the Orange Bowl is getting demolished. I have so many memories in and around this stadium. I can be here all day sharing stories with you, there have been good times and bad times. I'll never forget getting up at 8am to tailgate for a game that doesn't start till 7:30pm, or being 8 years old and watching a all out riot break out after one of the famous UM vs. FSU games. I don't know how to explain it, but something special happens to you when you walk into a place with this much history.

Yesterday they had a flag football game between ex Dolphin and ex UM players, it was great to see so many legends come out for one last game in the OB. I have to admit, I was more than a little depressed when it was all said and done.

Like most UM games, this one started with a trip to the grocery store. When we walked up to the beer aisle there was a nun standing there with a 6 pack in hand, that was pretty weird. (true story!)

We have been grilling, drinking, and sitting on this log for years.

This was the weirdest dude ever. First he came over and started talking to us about some binoculars and how he would go to old UM games and scream "rape, pillage, kill!!" at the top of his lungs with his fellow honor physics students. After talking none sense for what seemed like hours he left us alone, only to come back a little while later to continue (this time while sitting on our cooler). A while into his speech about Galileo he noticed we didn't give a shit, so he asked us for the bones from the chicken we had just eaten (the marrow is a great source of potassium....or is it sodium....w/e I don't remember) and left us alone. It was extremely weird to see him eat those bones as he walked away. God I'm gonna miss this place!

Everyone has something witty to say, the walls around there are full of hilarious phrases which people have written in drunken stupors.

Meet Kassia the gangster...

...and Kassia the 10 year old.

Cibran has eyes in the back of his head.

Behind this gate lies the worst smelling dog ever. The stench got worse and worse every season, I'm definitely not gonna miss this at all.

One last walk to the OB.

If you look closely you can see that the name had already been taken off. Supposedly they auctioned off those letters. Leave it to the City of Miami to make some extra cash where ever they can.

Jason Taylor's black on black Ferrari is craze, but the fact that Dan Marino rides around in a limo with a customized plate is waaaay cooler.

It's always funny to see everyone chug that last beer right out side of the gate before walking into the stadium

The walls inside were filled with peoples last messages. Some of these seats have been passed down for generations.

General admission, I've had some of the best times of my life in this section. That's right, no comfy chairs (or even back rests). It's so old and ugly that it's pretty.

There is nothing like having a piece of the OB to cherish forever, so people started yanking off the seat cushions.

This dude yanked a couple off for himself (just like I did), little did we know that cops were waiting outside to take the cushions away from people as they exited. Oh yeah, check out his tat...that's dedication!

It was awesome to see so many of my favorite players on the field again. Dan Marino was still throwing lasers out there.

Every team now a days walks out of the tunnel to smoke. However, UM was the first team to break out the fire extinguishers for this affect. We found an old extinguisher and replicated something that has made this stadium famous.

After the game we headed to Grandes for some ping pong...

...and some pool.


After a while we broke out the cards and started some drinking games. Nick has to be the only person on earth with a set of personalized playing cards.....check out the pose.

This is the Circle of Death...

...this is what happens when you lose in the Circle of Death.