Monday, January 21, 2008


I went to Grande's today to catch the football games. When I got there Kassia was in the newly purchased dog cage for some reason.

After watching the Chargers choke we headed outside to talk some shit. Oh yeah, Kassia also took my camera hostage.

Shit talking quickly turned into throwing the football around. Check out the form, I'm sure I could have done better than Phillip Rivers today.

The weather today was awesome. It's not often you can rock a hoodie in Miami (especially in the afternoon).

I got my camera back just in time to catch Nick dunking. WTF is he grabbing his nuts for?

Throwing the football quickly turned into a full out game.

Kassia kept interrupting the game, this was her hiding spot. Shes real slick!

At least she made a new friend.

Pure evil #1.

Pure evil #2.

Everyone came back in and got settled in for the second game of the day. DAMN IT FAVRE!!

No homo...