Sunday, January 13, 2008

Work...ON A SATURDAY!!!!!!

I spent my day at the office yesterday shooting some new tees for our online store. These aren't up yet, so I guess this is a little sneak peak for you guys. Enjoy!

After messing around for a while, we were ready to start shooting.

This is my favorite tee we have done in a while.

After leaving the office these really caught my attention (so much so that I pulled over to take some flicks). I have no idea who did them.

I was exhausted so I went to Cibrans to chill for a little bit.

His neighbors started shooting fire works at random. I'm sure the neighbors were pist, it was 3 in the morning.

Everyone meet Rich. He doesn't look to good as a chick.

Sorry for the long post...I'm sure your bored to death by now.