Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On the Grind...

We had a meeting at the office last night, after we headed to the roof to chill for a little while. Too bad it was freezing up there, by "freezing" I mean it was like 75 degrees.

After getting frost bite, I headed to Logans new crib in the Design District to take some product shots for him. I love this little alley way thing that leads to his front door. I think I'm going to have a shoot here.

We both decided we wanted ice cream, so we drove half way around Miami.

Italian Gelato....Hmmmmmm

Then it was back to work. Logans always trying to do good deeds by donating product to fund raisers, these are for a foundation called Project Blue - or something to that affect - which is raising money to purify water in Africa or something. I didn't really pay attention to details, but I'm really feeling the shoes. The story behind the company Toms is pretty interesting, basically every time you buy a pair of shoes from them, they donate a pair of the same shoes to kids in need. Ahhh, it feels good to do good back to punching little kids and taking their lunch money.