Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back Sceneing

We've been getting more press lately, so today we spent the day taking promo/product shots. Think of it as a mini lookbook. I took most of the shots inside of this massive warehouse/graffiti mecca.

The inside of this place was CRAZY. There was so many dope pieces.

These holes in the roof gave the whole place a crazy ass vibe.

I spotted this when we were on our way to another location. Every single BMW logo was covered by the Apple logo. I love my Mac and all, but this is way over the top.

The day was perfect for a shoot.

Some random sightings.

You know what sucks? Walking to your car after a loooong ass day, and finding your window broken and your radio missing. That's right, they broke into my fucking car AGAIN! The dude at the auto glass place loves my ass. A huge FUCK YOURSELF goes out to the Wynwood crack head that jacked my shit