Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is it the shoes?

I'm a "marketing guy", so I obviously enjoy a good ad campaign. The other day, I was thinking of what has been the most influential campaign to date (well at least in my time), and I came up with the Jordan/Mars spots from back in the day. Sure the BUD-WI-SER spots with the frogs were good, as well as almost every single ad that Miller Lite does, but to me they don't come close to these. There really is nothing that has had this kind of impact on a generation.

I love how Mars points out everything new that Jordan brought to the game. Bald heads, long shorts, short socks...that was all Mike!

The dunks!!! 

Little did they know, that these commercials really would make MJ an international super star. That room is heaven for a sneaker head.

This is my favorite one of all. Way to go out with a bang.