Monday, May 12, 2008


Lately, I find myself going out less and less. These days I much rather chill poolside with a few friends and a few beers, instead of going to some over priced club full of the same fake ass Miami losers.

Cibran bought these shits, wft are they? Are we on vacation or some shit?

I hadn't even had a drink yet, scary I know.

Kassia & Rich were getting all cutesy.

Kassia before.

Kassia after.

Nice towel.

I can't get enough of this bitch.

More tropical/vacation type beer. Where are we again?

I had a homo moment. No homo!

Rich isn't too gangster.

The funny hat means this dude is graduating from law school this weekend.

AHHHHH that's more like it!


Here is a better view.

One can never be too careful.

I used to be able to do this shit in middle school, the ladies used to love it.

There was food. As you can see, we are all vegans.

We started running out of room on the table.

Mini me.

Cibran had enough. You gotta admire a dude who passes out in a pool, with a beer in hand.

You're a...

These waters are dangerous.

Fula's been working out.

The crazies come out at night. It was a loooong ass day.

Kassia + Dog + Camera Flashes = Cock Block (sorry sorry I meant Cuddle Block)

Rich was still standing...

...Jaime wasn't.

The night ended like most, with some pool. This house has everything you need!