Sunday, May 18, 2008

Purdy Party

I decided to take my little point & shoot camera out with me on Friday, here is what went down

Like always we met up at Grandes for a little pre-party action. We out grew ash trays a long time ago, flower pots work so much better.

We watched the end of the Celtics vs. Cavs. Game 7 is actually on right now.

We finally made it to Purdy.

Wearing glasses at night, in a dark ass club is the stupidest trend out right now. So we decided to mock the losers by rocking Erica's Blu Blockers.



Jessica. Oh yeah, it was her Bday.




Some dork

After passing around the loser glasses, we returned to the task at hand. These two wouldn't stop with the cameras.

Cancer sticks.

I spent most of my night here.

Fula was blogging, Rich was making homo faces.

Who put that there?

We finally left, too bad we didn't have the $ for the toll.

30 minutes?!?!?!?!?!

Well worth it!

48 hrs later, I'm still hung over.