Monday, June 2, 2008


I took my trusty point and shoot camera (the noisy shitty quality is kinda dope) out with me again on Saturday. Pre party at Jackies anyone?

Diddy's vodka tastes like pure shit, thank God for these guys.

Not those kind of brownies....yeah those kind of brownies.

They really need to stop building shit where parking lots used to be on the beach, parking is getting annoying.

After affects of the tasty treats.

We shared an elevator with this clown. He thought I was giving him props for his stupidity. Dude I was laughing at you, not with you. He actually tried getting into Gemma, and got rejected at the door. What a shocker!

We finally made it to the bar.

I hate leaving a club and smelling like an ash tray, so I like that THIS is the one and only smoking area. Notice the Miami douche bags with their stripped button down Banana Republic shirts.

Lincoln Road was a ghost town. What a shame, this is usually a good view to peep some boobs. JK JK (not really)

Cibran, this guy has a lot to do with the title of this post.

We were finally able to creep a table.

I need to stop with the stupid faces.

Evil, happy, brownied.

Not only can I drink two at a time, but I can also balance both of them perfectly on a urinal.

It's not peer pressure, it's your turn.

Our table.

I really like this picture for some reason.

You can barely see it, but the chick riding shot gun in this car was puking all over the place. Also, notice how I am not driving my own car. To be honest, I didn't feel much better than her.

When we were leaving the parking garage, Cibran smacked the bottom of my car against a speed bump. Here is what happens when you put a hole in your oil pan... is what $500 being drained out of your bank account looks like. Does the title make cents now?