Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Absolut Genius

This campaign is pure genius. I love how every major company is trying to reel in young consumers. I guess Absolut Vodka got the best spokesperson to relay the image of "cool".

Here is the billboard/print ad for this campaign. Notice how it barely mentions Absolut Vodka. I can only think of two reasons why they wouldn't have any branding here. Scenario A would be, that they agree with the school of thought that claims, that young consumers feel like advertisments are invading their personal space, and are in turn boycotting the brands that continuously make it a point to be in their face. Scenario B would be, that they are banking on the fact that the television spot will become a huge success and in turn give this ad branding in peoples minds. Ex. I saw this picture on Heron Preston's blog a few days ago, and had no clue what it was for (I thought it was some kind of joke that Kanye was running, just for shits and giggles). However, as soon as I saw the video above, I connected the two. I would love to pick the brains of the people who came up with this.

Props: Jose x Heron Preston