Monday, July 14, 2008

LA Fashion

Notice how there are no crazy loud over sized graphics. A simple tee, some dope denim, and some plain Vans is all you need. I've been saying this for a minute. It's so funny to see people down here (in Miami) just now rocking an all over print tee and pink dunks. I love my city, but I hate all the losers that are continuously a few months too late. I don't want to front, I rocked the bright dunks, but that was months (hell, maybe even a year) ago. Yesterday I actually noticed that a spider had begun to spin its web inside one of my Dunk Hi's, TRUE STORY. However, to this day, dudes still come up to me at random places and start showing off their new SBs or what have you. I swear to God I'm gonna stomp on those shits the next time that happens.

Side note, I am going to straight punch the next douche bag I see in a club with an Ed Hardy shirt and a pair of knock off designer glasses. You know you're doing something wrong when your shirt's covered in rhinestones.

Reel Style - Los Angeles from Hypebeast TV on Vimeo.

P.S.- I'm really not as angry as I sound.