Friday, July 18, 2008

Product Placement

Most of us LOVE TiVo, why? Well sure we like it because we can record our favorite shows or sporting events and watch them whenever we wish. But, the main draw of that little box is that it allows us to completely skip all those annoying commercials. With that being said, most marketing execs and big wigs of major corporations are terrified to death of TiVo.

How else will they be able to reach consumers in their homes, and influence their every move? Well, the way you do that is to promote your product and or company in a way that can't be TiVoed out. How do you do that? Product placements! The amount of money spent on product placement has been rising at an alarming rate, and it's only going to get worse. Do you really really think that Simon and the crackISH Paula Abdul are drinking Coke out of those cups that are constantly by their side? Well the answer is that Paula probably has some Henny in there.

Next time your watching your favorite show, really notice what you are looking at, and count how many different logos you see. I guarantee that you'll be surprised. Here is another good example of product placement. This vido is basically an anthem for Jordan sneakers and apparel. I don't know if Nelly and JD did this purely because of their love for Jordans, or if there was some major $$$$$ involved. Either way, things like this can do wonders for a brand, and it can't be TiVoed out.

Here is another example. I had no clue what Courvoisier was before this song.

Oh yeah, here is the American Idol gang...with their cups, of course.