Saturday, July 19, 2008


Last week was my sisters Sweet 16 brunch, and of course I was the designated photographer for the day. I was extremely hung over (more like still drunk) from the prior night, but overall the pictures came out pretty good. Here are a few of my favorites. Dear readers, meet the fam.

I think I know where I got this love for picture taking. Here is my grandfather Papa, lurking.

Here is one of my not so little little sisters, Krystal. It was her fiesta.

And here is the other one, Luly.

They make me feel maaaad old.

Here is my brother, Joey, in model mode.

We were in one of the nicest restaurants in Miami, and all this dude wanted to do was throw rocks.

My step mom wanted me to take pictures of the decorations, so here they are.

The cutest.

The worst ;-). Look Jackie, you made the blog!!!!

I think my step mom liked the slide show that I slaved over for days. Thank God.

Krystal x My God daughter Candy.

Norma started photo shooting.

The day was shitty, but the view was crazy. It was actually raining in both of these pictures.