Thursday, July 24, 2008


A few weeks ago I was at Cameo, and Timbaland took over the turntables for a quick session. It was pretty dope, considering he didn't play one actual song. All he did was play back beats that he had come up with that week. You know your a bad mother fucker when you can entertain over a thousand drunk asses with straight beats. I'm interested to see how many of the ones he played will end up as hit be continued.

Half way through his set, he turned down the music and announced that T-Pain and lil Wayne were coming out with an album together called "T-Wayne", and that he was doing some work on it. I guess here is the first track from that project. This song in particular isn't that dope, but I'm sure the overall work is gonna be insane. Hate em' or love em', these two dudes are running the industry these days.