Tuesday, August 19, 2008

D.A.D.E. Womens

Ok, I don't think I should be putting these up just yet, but think of it as a sneak SNEAK peak for being loyal readers of my blog. Yesterday me and the rest of the D.A.D.E. crew headed to Wynwood and SoBe to shoot our new womens pieces that came in. That's right folks, womens! Look for these goodies to be up on our online store by the end of this week - or as soon as I retouch the product shots. I'll give you the heads up, I know you ladies want some of this. A HUGE shoot to everyone that helped out during the shoot.

We also brought back those bandannas that flew off the shelves last time.

We also made a new shirt for you dudes, just to keep you entertained. What do you know about the OG Miami DJs. Why do you think your CD has that Parental Advisory sticker?

World meet, Rob. This is the dude that makes it all possible. No one grinds as hard as this man. He also has an ILL bandanna steez.

Nothing says "Miami" like a storm brewing in the background.

A lot of people say that Miami doesn't have allies, but SoBe is full of them. When I said SoBe you didn't think I was gonna do the corny Ocean Drive shoot....we keep it grimmy.

I told you our bandannas are fire. This dude said he was waiting on a $150k tax return from the 15 years he worked at Joes Stone Crab...good luck.

On some Cuban karate shit.

Hit me up (email on the left hand side of site) if you want anything you see here. Also, I'm on the grind HEAVY with the shoots, let me know if you want to schedule one.