Monday, August 11, 2008

Miami New Times - Unzipped

I started my night on Saturday at Arana's crib for a little pre party action. In the mirror self portraits are wack as hell, but I couldn't help it.

Can you tell that a single dude lives here?

Oh God, not again...

Ash on this. No no, really ash on it, this contraption is an ash tray.

After a while of chilling, we headed to the New Times fashion show in Midtown, where Kristina Ashely was showing.

As soon as I got there, Kristy dragged me backstage to get some shots. A bunch of models changing...oh the horror! The life of a photographer is really rough sometimes. Kristy was on her grind like always.

Backstage was pretty chaotic. You try getting a shot in focus with a dozen or so girls running all around you in a panic.

Congrats on making the Heat Dance Squad (is that what it's called?) Lauren. Let me know when you need to get rid of some of those tickets.

:-0) is all I can say....just :-o).

Leslie doing her best Blue Steel face. You killed it!

Non model mode.

Model mode.

Ummmm once again :-0). You noticing a trend?

All the girls started lining up, so i left heaven...sorry sorry I mean backstage, and went outside to catch some of the other lines. I've never shot a fashion show, so this was a great learning experience for me. I'm extremely happy with some of the shots, but some are kinda watevs. You live and you learn.

There were a million and one people there.

I have a ton of pictures of this girl, maybe it's because she was beautiful, or maybe it's because she had the illest walk. Actually, I don't even know what makes an ill "walk", so I'm going to go with the first reason.

I didn't get the Wear Black Memo.

Kristy headlined the show, and pretty much killed it. Shout out to JP, dude is a G on the drums.

:-0)...damn it! I have to stop that.

Things got a little crazy after the show. I don't know much about bikinis, but I sure as hell know how to read a crowd, and these people were loving Kristys shit. Every photographer at the event pretty much rushed her after her show (that didn't happen with any other designer of the night). It feels really good to see all your hard work pay off Kristy, in a wierd way your creativity and hard work inspires me and my photography. Keep killing it!

The hommies Logan Real and Arana aka my bag holder for the night - thanks hommie! We all rode out to Vagabond for the post party, but those pics have been deemed "illegal" to post.

Sorry for the long post, but I'm sure you dudes aren't complaining. Ladies, click HERE to get your hands on Kristys suites.