Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock the Bells

I was feeling like crap on Saturday - fever and all - but I had to man up and head over to Bayfront Park for Rock the Bells. The day started off at Chris's crib where we partook in some "festivities" that are sooo necessary for a concert, but probably weren't too good for my sore throat. I didn't feel like logging my SLR around all day, so I jacked Chris for his trusty point and shoot.

We continued being "festive" the whole way to the show.

There were breakers as soon as we walked in. The Dead Prez were killing it on stage by this point.

The day was perfect....well other than the fact that it was hot as hell.

No alcohol for me, due to the antibiotics. These kept me going.

De La Sol was ripping it right here. I took a picture of them on stage, but the zoom on this cam wasn't all that.

The grass was itchy.

This has to be the dopest venue for a concert in the city. It's so dope to be listening to all these great acts smack dab in the middle of downtown.

Davi x Arana Niggas x Some Dork

I think this was the last time Davi saw her Sidekick. R.I.P. Kick

Mos Def was Def.

Fever Face. I felt like I was dying right here.

Time to go home, and detox.

Peace, until next year...