Friday, September 5, 2008

Carrot Clothing

I get A LOT of requests from people to post different things on here - from songs, to art pieces, to of course clothing lines - but I rarely do it. I respect peoples grind, and I'm not hating on you for trying to put yourself out there, but to be honest most of the things that get sent to me in that manner are below average at best.

All of that changed today when I received an email from Alex at Carrot Clothing. This line from Serbia - yeah I said SERBIA - is pretty amazing. They have everything from cut and sew pieces to cardigans, and 0f course the usual graphic crews and fitteds. I included some of my favorite pieces in this post, but you can click HERE to see their complete lookbook. I pretty much need these pieces in my life, now I just gotta find a cheap flight to Serbia.