Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cocky Hamilton

I was cruising around the archives on Charles Hamilton's blog yesterday and came across this post from last year. For some reason these words really stuck with me. From being a bum/drug addict to now being on the brink of becoming the next big thing in hip hop. This dude will forever have my respect.

"I'm not cocky, I'm stating the obvious. So now it's time I lash BACK at you "Charles, you're too cocky" muf*ckas... listen here, and listen here good... well, read...

Clearly, you have some kinda interest in me because you are reading this. If you thought I was such a cocky unreasonable bastard, then you wouldn't be here, giving a f*ck about what I think about the world. Lemme tell y'all sumn. I still have the scars of suicide attempts. I still get nightmares of when I got bullied in school. I still have reservations about talking to ANY girl, no matter how much swag I "possess". I'm USED to being alone, I'm USED to being told no... I'm used to hate. So now, when I'm FINALLY comfortable in my own skin, I'm cocky.

You know what? HELL YEAH I'M COCKY!

God gave me a gift and saved my life. God made me love ME. So now I'm lovin me publicly. Call it masturbation, call it self-appreciation, but whatever you call it, call it REAL. I'm not fake like some of y'all, who ONLY became my friend when my beats drop. F*CK yall. My real n1ggas, men, dawgs, boys, b1tches, women, ladies, girls etc. understand that. Y'all don't know what rehab is like. Y'all don't know what a shelter in the wintertime is like. Y'all don't know what a splinter in your head from sleeping on a park bench feels like. Y'all don't know what 2 weeks with no shower and having to literally HIDE from the public feels like. If you do, you understand the cockiness."