Sunday, September 21, 2008

KAWS Saturated Exhibit

Last night marked the opening of the KAWS Saturated exhibit. On the way there, I noticed this sign on the highway. I'm SO MIAMI.

Dhavi was riding shotgun.

The exhibit is pretty ridiculous. Pictures really do it no justice, you have to get really close up to these paintings in order to appreciate the detail and perfect lines.

The man of the hour.

There was some other non-KAWS pieces in the gallery that were pretty amazing. I don't know the name of these artists...sorry.

This LV print was made out of pig skin...yup pig skin.

There was this really dope hole in the wall that separated the spaces. I was taking a pic through the hole, when this random dude got in my shot. I guess it worked out pretty well.

Dhavi wanted in on the action.

It was still packed when we left.

This was on the sidewalk outside.

After the show we headed back to Chris's to chill for a bit.

Good Night.