Monday, October 20, 2008

D.A.D.E. at Heathrow

Here are a few flicks from our jumpie at Heathrow this past Friday. It was a benefit for A Horse Named Cash, it always feels good to help out wildlife. The party was packed, but I didn't feel like doing the walking around and taking flicks of random people thing (I leave that to the club photogs). Most of the people in these pics are in some way shape or form connected to D.A.D.E. and have had a role in its success.

Alrick - Mr. Cameo himself - check the tat.

These two were definitely feeling the party.

Fesko - the illest web dude.

Poe x Tater Hater

She wanted me to do this for her default.

Our hats have never looked so good.

The crew. I never come out in these shits.

Hell yeah we take donations.

Even Rawb's mom got in on the action. This is the foundation of D.A.D.E. for real for real.

The bathrooms at craze. There is no mens/womens, its basically a free for all.

Rauly was about to choke Tater Hater out.

Pdubl was doing the cool guy/hipster thing - he's gonna hate that caption.

Another default request - I'm gonna start charging for these.

Picture 1

I spent most of my night here.

You have to stay hydrated when your screen printing shirts by hand in the middle of a party.

Pdubl x DF

I had to get in there somewhere - that's my drunk face (vodka is the devil).

At 4am, it was finally time to hit the road.