Monday, October 13, 2008

Rostarr / Crash & Burn

The Rostarr exhibit opened in Wynwood on Saturday. The night got off to a pretty good start. The ending is a whole other story, but we'll get to that later. Here are pics while everything was still all good.

The Hello Kitties hanging in the middle of the space were pretty random, but the girls were loving them.

This was my favorite. Black on black/grey is so ill.

The space for the exhibit was craze.

Dhavi was having some serious issues with her wine. This was THE FIRST accident of the night.

Jenny aka Banaboogie was there having photo shoots and shit.

Shadi was there also, creating photo shoots and shit. This dude is so ill. A true genius behind the lens and someone whose work I look to for inspiration

After seeing some old friends and making some new ones, it was time to head over to Heathrow for the usual Saturday debauchery. Little did we know, that our night was about to take a horrible turn for the worse.

It's crazy how shit can go from uber good to uber fucked up in a matter of seconds. One minute Dhavi and I were jamming to some ill tunes and sharing some laughs, the other minute - scratch that second - we were on the side of 195 staring at my newly totaled car.

There is nothing like a 4 car pile up to start the night off right. The worst part about it is that the person who rear ended me fled the scene, so now I have this totaled car and no one to pay for it. I guess I'm gonna be using my Chevrolegs for a while.

At least Dhavi, Chris (his car was also involved in the mess), and I are all in one piece. Shit could always be worse....right? Check for me at your local bus stop.