Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tat Delivery

I got to my house the other day and was greeted by this in my living room. That's Rey giving my brother a tat, in the comfort of our very own couch.

Rey is a G. This is how he drew the fist and money for that tat.

People started showing up to see what was going down.

Money Over Bitches. It only took a few minutes to get the outline down.

Cleaning this shit up the day after was fun.

The sound of the machine started to get annoying so we put on The Wackness.

Eye tats were in abundance.

The shading on her face is craze. Wait till you see the hair and fist.

I went upstairs and passed out at 4am, but here is what was done so far. Rey is the truth, and he's a good house guest. I absolutely love this tat, every little detail is perfect, he even recreated my brothers fist (down to the wrinkles and finger nails), I'm so jealous that this isn't on me.