Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bday Type Activity

Yesterday was Chris's bday, so a few of us went over to his place to chill. To be honest we were all still feeling unhuman from the debacle that was our Saturday night, so we opted to go the chill route and just stay in for his actual bday.

This bottle of Sprite has been sitting on the railing of my apartment building for at least two weeks. I want to see how long it lasts.

Chris has some titties on his comp. I'm sure this sticker does great at business meetings.

I wonder who put that there...

I take this same exact picture every time I go to dudes crib. This time the lens made me look like I have a cone head. I really have a cone head?

Dhavi and Andrea brought Lemonade, which was a horrible idea. By the end of the night we all had cotton mouth like none other, PURELY cause of the lemonade of course.

Chris doing the scholar thing, and spreading some knowledge.

It was finally time for some cake. Dhavi actually made this herself, well she made the line at Publix to buy it.

His wish was that I didn't post this picture. Hey Chris...wishes don't come true hommie.

Entourage is the ultimate shit.

On the way home I had to stop and get some gas. There really is no reason for this photo.

Thank God prices are finally going down a little.