Sunday, November 16, 2008

Come Along

Here are the rest of my pictures from yesterday - and a couple from today. I didn't feel like having another useless Saturday, so I picked up Jigga and we headed to Downtown/South Beach to take a few pictures.

On the way, I passed by and scooped up Dhavi.

This lens is so dope to take pictures of guess what......CLOUDS!

Dhavi was hating the camera all day.

Jigga recently got a Nikon SLR, we looked like straight up tourists. One dude asked if we were from Cali, another asked if we were from NYC.

The new Federal Building in Downtown is craze.

There were these crazy chairs outside of it.

Since we were in downtown, we dropped by Shoe Gallery, to say whats up to the hommie Danny.

Dhavi started trying to steal scooters.

You see all kinds of bootleg/wack shit in Downtown.

After leaving Downtown, we headed over to South Beach. The hommie Dalva is everywhere.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm behind these "Who is David" stickers that keep popping up around town. The answer is NO, but it's kinda creepy that the dude looks like me - well minus the reciting hairline.

This is a MUST STOP if you are ever on the beach. Tell Chris I sent you - he probably won't hook you up or anything, but do it regardless.


Dhavi was getting REALLY tired of us lurking on her.

Next stop, food at the Big Pink.

Someone wasn't feeling this Obama sticker.

This dude always has his helicopter with him, you never know when the traffic in Miami is gonna get crazy.

Home sweet home...FINALLY.

I wanted to sleep, but didn't have much time, since these creepers were back and ready to go out an hour later.

Dhavi's kick game is proper... is Jigga's.

Today I'm hung over and feeling as UNhuman as humanly possible, so I'm going to be doing this all day. Yup! Another productive Sunday.