Sunday, November 9, 2008


Chris had a little last minute pre party at his crib last night for Crookers.

Yeah I keep the tag on them...

Dhavi UNashing her legs.


It quickly turned into a mini club. This dudes neighbors hate him....FACT!

Dhavi baking.

Why all the vests?

I left my camera in the car, so I have no flicks of the actually party. It was nuts...take my word for it. Actually, click here to see Bronques pictures. He caught me slipping with my I'm pissed/I smell something funny/I'm MAD tired/I'm crying face.

Picture 1

It's crazy to me what people will do just to come out on this dudes site. Check out the dude in front of me getting a bucket of ice poured on his head - just to take a picture! After this, a girl had a whole beer poured on her head, people are fools.

Picture 2