Friday, November 21, 2008


Click HERE to read a good article that was put together about the hommie Javier (Robot is the Future/True Star Media/JL Productions) and his partner Jerry.

Congrats on the write up hommie! Here is a little excerpt:

In your words what do you see or think is happening to the world of fashion, streetwear has ballooned, the skate/action culture has seemed to cross over and become more acceptable but at the same time, luxury brands are still thriving and growing, can all these variables in fashion survive or are we just going through a phase like the disco era, that will phase out?

J. Lorenzo: I think we are at a great place in fashion…Streetwear and the skate/action culture are founded in origins of authenticity and originality, which is why they have been and will continue to be successful…To me it’s simple…Fashion is in a place where now because of the shift in power, whatever it is authentically “fresh or fly” will rise to the top, whether it’s a street brand or a luxury brand…Hype is dead.

Javier: I don’t think any of it will phase out, they will just evolve and morph into and out of each other. Nothing really ever dies, it just evolves, but you can find pieces and influences of everything past in today’s culture, music, fashion, film, etc. Streetwear and it’s offspring will evolve into the new luxury brands of tomorrow. Crooks & Castles will be the Gucci of the Future, etc. As long as people stay true to themselves and their brands they will survive the time/space continuum and keep evolving.

I found this especially interesting, because Javier and I had a conversation about this very topic just a few days ago. It's going to be interesting to see how many of todays streetwear lines will be able to "morph/evolve" into the luxury brands of tomorrow, and how many new lines (that are actualy relevant) will pop up in the meantime.

Want a hint for 2009? Well here it is: Keep an eye out for a line called Android Homme which will be launching soon. I would give you more info, but then I'd have to kill you.....stay tuned!