Monday, December 8, 2008

Art Basel Galleries

Yesterday I spent my day visiting some exhibits for Art Basel. I didn't want to waste time at the big Art Fairs, so I hand selected a few exhibits that I wanted to check out.

First stop was the work of Marilyn Manson. Yes THIS Marilyn Manson.

His art is just as shocking as his music.

After we headed to check out the Dave Lachapelle exhibit.

His Jesus is my Homeboy Collection is craze, but the lighting sucked in the room, so the pictures came out shitty. The Arne Quinze sculptures were pretty impressive.

I'm not sure the name of this installation, but it was all about paper. It was hilarious when Ashley got in trouble for touching a wrinkled piece of notebook paper that was supposed to be "art".

Our next stop was Paul Rowland's Transformations.

On the way I saw this heart that has been popping up all around Miami lately.

Transformations was in the best space.

It was by far my favorite exhibit of the day.

The artsy fartsy stuff had us hungry as hell, so we decided to leave the Design District and go get some Cuban food on Biscayne. On the way, we ran into this truck handing out some sort of ice cream Popsicle thing.

Our first stop after our break was the Murakami exhibit outside of Pulse. There is nothing like seeing these in person and actually touching them.

We were mad tired by this point, but had to pass by the fashion photography exhibit. There isn't much I can say about these following photographs. I feel sorry for you if you have any kind of interest in photography and missed this collection, I hope these pictures do it justice, but I doubt it does.

They had a section entirely devoted to photos of Naomi Campbell.

After this we headed to Culture Kings to say whats up to the hommie Chris and bounced. Check back tomorrow for pictures from MSTRKRFT, I'm still trying to recover from that shit.