Friday, December 5, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Tuesday I headed to Oh-Wow for the It Aint Fair opening. Ive gone to a few Basel parties this week, but this opening definitely takes the cake. I'm spending the whole day Saturday going to galleries - that's right, I actually go see art during ART Basel - so stay tuned for some more flicks.

Dhavi is all about cleaning up the neighborhood, while accessorizing her shoes. Once again, kick game classic. You see the red bottoms!

The exhibit is pretty impressive. A-ron did a good job of filling the gallery with a diverse group of artists.

I never thought old panties/socks could be art.

Neck Face had a few pieces in the exhibit. As well as some tags on the walls, you'll see some of those later.

A.R.E. Weapons
killed it. Some performance shots are coming later.

Fresh white walls + markers + a room full of frustrated artists =

Kristy got in on the action. Ladies check out that site for some of the illest bathing suits.

Dhavi hooked me up with some free promotion.

The calm before the storm that was A.R.E. Weapons. This back part of the gallery is craze.

Double trouble.

The hommie Logan Real showed up halfway through the night.

Who is THAT guy?

The randomest shit ever. I have no clue why there were in bikinis.

All of a sudden I feel like my wallet is missing...

This small side room contained most of my favorite pieces.

These are pretty incredible. You have to see them in person to really appreciate the detail in these.

"Yo, what is that in your hair?"

"Holy shit it's paint!"

Finally it was time for A.R.E. Weapons to perform. I don't think my ears will ever be the same after this.

Pdubl was raging.

Jamel and Kristy were in their own world, while everyone around them was losing their minds.

Ace Boon Kunle (Irak) x A-Ron ( aNYthing x Off Bowery x Oh-Wow)...

...and bad for the flash hommie.

After we picked up my two favorite Mexicans and headed to my crib for a little after party.

Stay tuned for a lot more pics after the weekend. I love Art Basel, but my body hates it.