Thursday, January 29, 2009

Logan Real x Lacoste

It looks like all the hard work Logan Real has been putting in for the past few years has finally paid off. Check out what the President from Lacoste had to say during a recent interview (sorry for the horrible quality).

Picture 7

That's right, the hommie is going to have his very own Lacoste shoe coming in the very near future. Yesterday I dropped by his apartment/studio to take some product shots of the new stuff he's been working on. A lot of people don't believe that his stuff is hand painted, but guess what..IT IS.

Apparently he gets nervous when the camera is around. Acetone + freshly painted accessories is never a good mix.

This is one of the shoes he took to the first meeting he had with Lacoste. No wonder they wanted to sign him.

The President of Lacoste told him pictures of this shoe he did years back had been floating around the Lacoste offices for a few months. Most people there were convinced it was some sort of knock off. Notice how simple Logan's work was back then.

I wanted to start with the product shots, but he wanted to keep painting.

He recently started working on this HUGE piece of leather. This would look dope on a wall when it's done.

He finally put down the brush and let me take the product shots. Here are just a few, the rest will be up on his site shortly.

This is a sample he did for Lacoste, basically just a preview of everything he can do. It's pretty incredible to think that every single detail is done completely free hand - no rulers, no tape...nothing!