Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2008

The end of my Nike (SB) obsession - The beginning of my "I'm only buying Vans" obsession - The start of me getting bored with EVERYTHING - Kid Cudi - Autotune (dead it in 09' please) - Kanye - Lil Wayne (please start RAPPING again in 09') - Miami getting more love - Chilling on our office rooftop - Supra's come up - Cut & Sew - Death of graphic tees - V-necks (not American Apparel) - Levis - The Hundreds is STILL huge - Herfection - The Arab Parrot - Wynwood - Charles Hamilton - Finally got Facebook - Twitter takeover - Got a crib - Saw Common - Canon SLR - It's been a year since I started w/this picture thing - MSTRKRFT - Cromeo - Android Homme - Made some great new friends - Lost a few fake ass friends - Bronques is one crazy dude - Heathrow Lounge - Beginning of my obsession with indie type chickies (don't judge me!) - Rock the Bells - Partied with Jamie Foxx (dude is 40!) - Miami clubs are killing me softly, but there's a dope non Ed Hardy type movement going on right now - More tattoos - Art Basel - Oh-Wow - ROSTARR - KAWS - Kristina Ashley (remember that name) - D.A.D.E. x Money Shot - D.A.D.E. x Heathrow Lounge - I'm sure more things happened, but that's all I can think of right now. Thanks for continuing to read the gibberish/pointless shit I post.

BTW - I'm on the hunt for another contributor to the site (shouts to Banaboogie who never posts anything on here). Hit me up if you're interested. There really aren't any "qualifications" - just don't be a TOTAL herb (partial herbs may still apply).