Monday, January 12, 2009

Tattoo Expo 09'

Finally here are the pics from the Miami Tattoo Expo. Thanks to everyone at Chicos Marked for Life, definitely the illest tattoo shop in town - yes way better than Miami Ink.

Dave was working on a tattoo in the booth since early in the morning, you'll see the finished product later on.

There were a a few Joker inspired tattoos in the building.

Imagine the sound of over 200 tattoo machines in your ear for 5 straight hours, that was my life on Saturday. UGH!

This leg sleeve by Asaad is hilarious. I never knew there were so many characters in The Family Guy, it's pretty incredible.

Jigga and Asaad clowned all day.

Dave had done this piece a few days before.

There was dope tattoos everywhere you looked, I guess that's what these things are for.

Not all the ink there was permanent.

You could get a tattoo and take it off on the same day.

This old man was a G.

We passed by Lincold road for some grub....

....yup, at Pizza Rustica.

Kelly and Alexis were shopping for a new tattoo.

Still working on it...

The Marked for Life booth was packed for most of the day.

Portraits of movie characters was a popular theme.

Kelly finally deciding on what to get.

That smile didn't last for long after this picture.

Daze was there cutting hair - which I don't think is sanitary in any way.

This sleeve by Dave was impressive. Notice how it is all about bands.

This was my favorite tattoo of the day.

This was my favorite girl of the day.

Amazing what can be done with a roll or electrical tape.

...still working...

...Dave finally finished. It's amazing how much this tattoo looks like the picture. I respect the hell out of these guys.

Alexis got hers too.

Once again, thanks to everyone at Chicos Marked for Life.